Is an Eyelid Lift Part of a Facelift?

Do you have moderate to severe signs of facial aging?

Whether you’re unhappy with skin sagging or you want a more effective solution at getting rid of facial wrinkles, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. This cosmetic surgery aims to correct common facial aging issues, including:

  • Sagging facial skin
  • Deep wrinkles and facial folds
  • Excess skin, especially around the jawline
  • And more

Given that the facelift is designed to address facial aging issues, it’s no wonder one of the most popular questions emerging from our consultations is: 

“Is an eyelid lift part of a facelift?”

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A Facelift Can Correct Some Eye Aging

The answer is that it truly depends. 

Because a facelift focuses on correcting sagging around the midfacial region, patients can expect to see some improvement along the bottom of the eye. This means that if you have sagging skin underneath your eyes or crow’s feet that extend down to your cheeks, a facelift might be enough to help you get significant relief.

However, if you’re more concerned about drooping along your upper eye region, a facelift might not be enough. In this situation, you should combine your facelift surgery with an eyelid lift.

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Combining a Facelift with Upper Eyelid Lift

If you’re also bothered by the appearance of drooping eyelids or sagging skin around your brow line, you may see great results by combining an upper eyelid lift with your facelift. This combination can achieve the most natural-looking results, plus it can help you tackle your biggest aging concerns around your eyes, cheeks, and jawline.

You should combine your facelift with an eyelid lift if:

  • You have moderate to severe sagging skin around your eyes and lower facial region.
  • You constantly look like you’re tired and fatigued, even though you’re getting plenty of sleep.
  • You want to look completely refreshed and revitalized.
  • You’re a healthy nonsmoker with realistic expectations for your surgeries.

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