6 Sun Protection Myths that Skin Care Experts Hate

Think you need to skip using sunscreen in order to boost vitamin D levels? That it’s safe to tan as long as you wear sunscreen? That skin cancer isn’t really a big deal? Here are 6 myths about sun protection that make leading skin doctors cringe – plus the facts you must know to safeguard

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Ouch! What to Expect When Recovering from a Broken Jaw

Given all the hazards we face in life, breaking your jaw may seem a very unlikely event. However, here is a list of all the ways you can suffer this serious fracture. Have you ever …   Fallen off a bike? Gotten hit with the ball or other equipment playing rugby, soccer, football, basketball, baseball,

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Can Chlorine in Pool Water Cause Hair Loss?

With summer in full swing, most of us are headed for the pool or the beach for cool relief. However, it’s important to know that spending too much time in chlorinated water can be bad for your skin and hair. Dr. Anthony Farole, an experienced hair restoration expert who has worked with thousands of patients

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Time to pull that painful tooth? Here’s what to expect

Sometimes, no matter how diligently we look after our teeth as adults, we need to have one pulled. Dr. Anthony Farole, an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who cares for patients near Philadelphia and Bala Cynwyd, offers helpful perspectives on the reasons for an extraction, what to expect and how to plan for replacement of

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Why summer is the best time for wisdom teeth extraction

Summer makes us think of beaches, barbecues and big fun in the sun. What we DON’T often think about is getting our wisdom teeth out! However, summer is an ideal time to have this procedure done. Here’s some helpful background on wisdom teeth extraction and why you may want to have it taken care of

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Enjoy These Yummy Smoothies After Dental Surgery

Dr. Farole specializes in making any oral surgery procedure as comfortable as possible for you. In fact, his commitment to your health and comfort continues long after you leave the office! Here’s a helpful tip that will put an extra “ahhhhhh” in those days after your surgical procedure.

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Protecting your kids from Facial Trauma in Sports

Spring and summer weather mean outdoor sports for millions of kids across the country. If your young athlete plays one or more warm-weather sports, it’s crucial to have the right equipment to prevent serious injuries to the facial area.

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Beautiful Summer Skin with Laser Treatments

As warm weather arrives, we’re all looking forward to long, leisurely hours outside. These days, you’re protecting your skin with the right sunscreen every time you play sports, work in the garden or head to the pool. But what about the dark spots and other skin imperfections left behind from summers past?

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