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Keloid scars can make you feel self-conscious and cause discomfort, but keloid scar treatment can make them smoother and flatter.

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What is Keloid Scar Treatment?

Keloid scars form when the body produces too much scar tissue in response to even a minor injury. Keloids can form almost anywhere on the body. They often have a lumpy or uneven surface and tend to grow larger than the original injury. Keloids can become itchy and may get sore if they tend to rub on clothing or other irritants. 

Treating keloids is more complicated than an ordinary scar revision because people who form keloids will often form them again in the same place after removal. Aftercare forms a key component of keloid scar treatment and helps to keep a new keloid from forming. Dr. Anthony Farole has extensive experience in scar revision, including keloid scar treatment. He will determine the best treatment method for your keloid based on its size, location, and other factors. 

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How Does Keloid Scar Treatment Work?

At-home keloid treatments may help smooth the appearance of the scar. These include oils, creams, and silicone pads that can help soften scar tissue. These treatments will not remove your keloid scar, so Dr. Farole may recommend any of the following options. 


Corticosteroid injections can calm the overproduction of scar tissue and decrease the size of some keloids. This method works best on small keloids or in order to prevent a keloid in an area of injury. Dr. Faroli may use corticosteroids to help prevent a keloid from recurring when he performs a keloid scar revision.  

Surgical Scar Revision

Treating a keloid with surgery is called revision instead of removal because you will still have a scar. However, with good aftercare, your new scar can look flatter and smoother than your old one. Cryotherapy, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze keloids and stop the out-of-control scar tissue, often produces good results. The chance always exists that a treated keloid will recur. 

Laser Scar Revision

Laser treatments can flatten and smooth keloids. This method will require several sessions depending on the size of your keloid. Like other treatments, laser scar revision will not erase the appearance of a scar but can make it considerably flatter and less noticeable. 

Is There Any Downtime With Keloid Scar Treatment?

Follow Dr. Farole’s instructions for after-treatment care. This will help determine how well your keloid responds to treatment. Most keloid scar revision methods do not require any downtime, although the keloid may look worse before it looks better in the days following treatment. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for Keloid Scar Treatment?

If you have keloid scars and understand that the risk of recurrence will remain high, you may be a good candidate for keloid scar treatment. Because keloids can recur, you should have reasonable expectations about your results

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