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*Richard R.

I really appreciate your hard work and effort. And I always trusted your judgement which is the most important attribute for a surgeon to have. You can imagine all the women mostly researching and comparing notes on who to see and trust in this most important area to their vanity. Like the results we see with reconstructive jaw surgery, I have always put a high value on what improvement in cosmetics means to our patients in this world of fast judgements soley based on looks.

*Heather B.

Hi Dr Farole, you may not remember me, but you did orthognathic surgery on me when I was 17, back in 1994. lol My name was just Heather B back then. I was a patient of Dr. Greco and at the time your office was right next door to his. I’m sure that you probably hear this ALL the time, so it may not be a big deal but the work that you did was life changing for me. I really appreciate it so much. I know that it affected the way that I interacted with people and the way that I saw myself and my confidence. It definitely affected the way people saw me. I think about this often, especially when I remember high school. My 20 year reunion is coming up this year. ???? I don’t know if you will even ever see this, but I just wanted to say thanks again! ????

*Alicia M.

I recently had major facial surgery by Dr. Farole. His staff throughout my entire experience was unparalleled. In addition, I received a phone call the next day to make sure I was doing well.  All of my questions were answered. In addition, my pain control was excellent through discussions with his office and by appropriate medication when needed. I highly recommend Dr. Farole for his expertise, professionalism, and support staff for anyone considering facial

*KellyAnn R.

Dr. Farole had done major reconstructive surgery on my son with a fantastic outcome. We knew of his expertise so I had no hesitation to have him take care of my facial esthetic concerns. I had gained and lost weight and I had excess fat remaining in my neck with drooping skin. Dr. Farole and his competent staff performed neck liposuction with tightening. He transferred my own fat tissue into the marionette lines in my face. Everything looks SO much better. He also saved me some additional costs by using my own tissue rather than the more expensive commercial fillers. And this technique lasts a lot longer. I could not be more pleased. I would recommend anyone with the cosmetic concerns I had to him hands down.

*Dina C.

I had the fat removed from under my jaw and neck area for what is referred to as the turkey gobbler appearance. The procedure not only removed the excess fat but it also draped my skin tighter to my neck and jaw line. It looks like I had a neck lift without the incisions! Not only that but the excess fat removed was used to fill in hollows in my cheek enhancing my cheek bones. I was so happy and the result is holding very nicely one year later. I was able to have it done with a very light sedation in his office and I went back to work two days later with virtually no swelling or bruising.

*Mary A.

Dr. Farole performed liposuction on my cheeks an jaw line. The result is BEAUTIFUL! And he was able to fill in vertical lines on the bridge of my nose and lip areas with the fat he removed from other areas. It was less expensive than using synthetic fillers because he used my own tissue. I loved that and I prefer using my own tissues. His staff could not have been nicer and he answered on my questions before and after the procedure.

*Stephanie P.

I had liposuction done in my neck and jaw areas by Dr. Farole and staff. I could not be more pleased. The outcome exceeded my expectations and I only took over the counter medicine for very mild discomfort afterwards. My neck contour is beautiful and the lines around my nose and mouth are gone. Dr. Farole and his staff are very professional and compassionate. I would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation.


My experiences with the service at Dr. Farole’s office have been wonderful. I am afraid of any procedures and everyone at the office always makes it their mission to ensure my comfort! I recommend Dr. Farole to anyone who is in need of an oral specialist.

*Individual results may vary

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