Does Neck Liposuction Leave Scars?

If you have fat around your neck and jawline that won’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts, you may be a good candidate for neck liposuction.

This cosmetic surgery is an excellent solution for patients who feel as though their neck fat is keeping them from being 100% confident in their skin. Neck liposuction involves manually removing fat tissue via small incisions, which are placed underneath the chin and behind the ears.

The good news is that neck liposuction almost never leaves a scar because Dr. Farole places the incision in a strategic position and closes it meticulously. As long as the patient follows Dr. Farole’s recovery plan, the visible scarring should not be an issue.

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Where Will My Neck Liposuction Scars Be?

Neck liposuction can require small incisions behind the ears and right underneath the chin; these incisions are necessary for your facial surgeon to access fat tissue on the neck and around the jawline.

If you’re picturing noticeable scars, you may be relieved to learn that neck liposuction incisions are purposefully designed to be as hidden as possible. Incisions are hidden behind the ears, and the incision placed underneath the chin is so small that it can be difficult to see unless you’re purposefully looking for it.

How Can I Reduce Neck Liposuction Scarring?

If you’re still worried about noticeable scarring, these steps can help fade the appearance of your neck liposuction scars faster:

  • After your procedure, don’t push yourself to return to your normal activities before you’re ready. Too much activity could cause your incisions to open up or delay wound-healing time.
  • Wear sunscreen, especially on the areas where your incision scars have been placed.
  • If you haven’t already, quit smoking! Studies have shown that non-smokers have less noticeable scarring than smokers.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Neck Liposuction?

You’re a good candidate for neck liposuction if you have stubborn fat around your neck and jawline that hasn’t responded to diet and exercise. Ideal candidates should have good skin laxity, as neck liposuction does not tighten loose skin.

“If there were more stars, I would give them to Dr. Farole and his staff! They made me feel comfortable and welcomed during the surgery. Thank you!!!”

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