A Philadelphia Dental Implant Belongs in the Mouth, Not the Sinuses

Reliable oral surgeons always make sure that once a dental implant has been put in place, it stays there for good. The last thing they want to see is anything ending up somewhere aside from the gum line.

A woman in Italy got exactly that when CT scans identified a dental implant lodged in her sinus. The odd thing was that the initial diagnosis reported her to have a clean bill of health as far as gums and teeth are concerned. Doctors performed emergency surgery on the affected area and fortunately, she made a stable recovery.

According to Alberto Schreiber of the University of Brescia who studied the case, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened. There have been other reports of the same nature in the past and he suspects that the fault may have started long before the woman reported her condition:

The researchers said the implant may have been wound up her sinus because of improper positioning, or as a consequence of tissue around the implant eroding, as well as bone loss.

Study researcher Alberto Schreiber, of the University of Brescia in Italy, said that he suspects the implant had been in the woman’s sinus for at least a year, and perhaps even since the patient’s surgery two years before.

Previous cases of dental implants ending up in the sinus have been reported, he said. In one case, an implant ended up in the base of the skull, Schreiber told LiveScience.

Thus, it’s important for a dental implant in Philadelphia to stand on solid ground. The stability of an artificial tooth standing on a titanium-based alloy depends on the density of the bone around the base. If it is not strong enough, surgeons usually perform bone grafting, deriving tissue from select parts of the body to add thickness.

To put it simply, you can’t build a house on a weak foundation. The amount of cement necessary to create a strong base depends on the weight of the structure. Thus, an assessment must be done prior to placing any implant. If there’s a risk of complications later on, it’s the surgeon’s job to inform his or her patient of any issues that may arise. If placed properly, Bala Cynwyd dental implants from a reliable dentist like Dr. Farole can stand firm for many years.

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(Article Excerpt and Image From Ouch! Dental Implant Ends Up in Woman’s Sinus, LiveScience, October 23, 2013)

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