When an Oral Surgeon in Philadelphia can Help with Fixing a Mauled Jaw

Boxing is definitely one of the world’s prized sports, but the marks it leaves on every fighter can be life-changing. An article in Britain’s UTV News has one such case:

Belfast boxer Martin Rogan is awaiting emergency surgery to rebuild his jaw after being knocked out in the first round of his bout against Erkan Teper in Germany on Saturday night.

The heavyweight fighter has returned home and is now being treated at the Ulster Hospital.

It is understood he requires steel plates to be inserted to put his shattered jaw back together.

“Jaw in bits, time for more plates to go in to put it back together like a jigsaw,” Rogan said on Twitter on Monday morning.

“By the time I get this other operation done, I will have more plates in my face and neck than we have in our cupboards.”

The degree of Rogan’s injury might make aspiring Philly boxers think twice and the City of Brotherly Love has its fair share considering the number of boxing gyms that also train fighters in mixed martial arts. Boxing fans may even remember how Mexican-American Josesito Lopez gave Victor Ortiz a broken jaw at their WBC Silver Welterweight match in 2012. A jaw that is slightly out of sync can lead to problems such as misaligned teeth and painful chewing. If you are in a situation like Rogan’s, it may be time to seek help from an oral surgeon in Philadelphia like Dr. Anthony Farole, DMD.

The first thing to do after sustaining a jaw injury is to determine the extent of the damage, which can be done through X-rays and CT scans. Some experts state that a broken jaw in boxing can come through either fractures in the jawline or separated temporomandibular joints. An oral surgeon skilled in trauma surgery will be required to stabilize the jaw through wires, screws and plates to give it time to heal.

Your ability to speak or chew will be seriously affected if your jaw was hit in any way, whether from a hard punch or any other severe form of physical contact. A trusted oral surgeon from Bala Cynwyd, like Dr. Farole, will work to correct your problem and set you on the path to recovery.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Rogan suffers horror injury in Germany, UTV News, 18 November 2013)

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