Hair Restoration Surgery Treatment Can Work Even for Fire Victims

Many of you who have survived the eighties may recall the harrowing accident that befell the late Michael Jackson during a Pepsi commercial shoot in 1984 when his hair caught on fire. The incident is similar to the case of a Washington boy whose scalp was partly burned in a lawnmower accident. In both cases, the two eventually underwent a hair restoration operation. Whether your hair loss was the result of age, heredity, stress, medical-related issues, or an accident, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hair surgery and transplant professionals from Bala Cynywyd like Dr. Anthony Farole, can come to your aid.

Starting Somewhere

An in-house consultation with a hair restoration and hair replacement professional will help gauge the extent of the scalp area that may need treatment. Several skin grafts will have to be made, as have occurred with the Washington boy whose scalp and root follicles were damaged by the fire. Balloon expanders (or tissue expanders) are used, in which these are placed under small areas of hair-bearing scalp, and filled with fluid over several weeks. The objective is to get the skin to stretch enough to create increased scalp area to grow hair through the skin grafts.

Taking Care of Business

When the scalp has enough surface area to graft hair-bearing root follicles, your hair surgeon will move on to the next procedure called micro-grafting. The procedure involves extracting strands of hair from other sections of your scalp and putting them onto the marked area of the scalp that needs to grow new hair strands. Demarcation lines are drawn to distinguish natural scalp and areas that are marked for stretching with tissue expanders.

The entire procedure is performed in increments, removing hair grafts and advancing the hair-bearing scalp, as needed, each time expecting an area in the scalp to stretch adequately, and new skin surface is created. Periodic visits over a few months may be required, as this is mostly an outpatient procedure. Reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons claim that hair that grows from this hair transplant surgery treatment can grow as much as half an inch per month.

Hair loss, whatever the cause, can deal a blow to your self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, hair restoration technology has advanced far enough to make it possible to have natural hair grow back where once root follicles have deteriorated. Through a reputable and trusted hair restoration professional serving the Philadelphia area, such as Dr. Anthony Farole, you need not have to live with creeping baldness anymore. Why not give the treatment a shot? Call for an appointment today.



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