Dental Implants May Be the Best Option for Tooth Damaged Beyond Repair

Beyond rough horseplay and sporting injuries, even chewing rather absent-mindedly can damage your teeth irreparably. Chewing on hard, solid pieces of food, like candy, or biting into the hard seeds of a guava, can chip or crack your tooth.  If you ignore the damage and continue to use that part of the tooth to bite down on food, or especially on hard fragments like meat bones, it can cause the crown of your tooth to cave in without warning. Tooth damage that comes to that point may be ripe for dental implants, installed through your preferred Bala Cynywyd dental practitioner, such as Dr. Anthony Farole, DMD.



In the past, the solution for a missing tooth or a couple of teeth is through procedures like installing bridges or through partial or full dentures. Fortunately, dental technology has kept up with the needs and aesthetics of the times, and dental implants became the comfortable and preferred choice by many for their durable quality and natural look.


Before the tooth is to be replaced by an implant, your dentist will have to take X-rays and perform inspection of the damaged tooth and the gum area surrounding it.

If you have managed to preserve the tooth fragments, this will give your dentist additional reference for the crown that will be created and installed atop the implant. The gums should be healthy and not strained by any periodontal disease; a healthy gum line helps stabilize the implant. Advances in dental surgery technology have given cosmetic dentists the leeway to plan and prepare the insertion of the implant before the procedure.

Suppose the natural crown of the tooth was destroyed, your dentist may suggest extracting all that’s left of the root. The gap that it would leave behind will be where your dental implant will be installed. Generally, an implant can be installed in less than an hour, but you must allow several weeks for the titanium implant to fuse with your jaw bone. During this time, a temporary crown will be installed while the permanent one is being crafted.

Missing or damaged teeth need never be the end of the world for you. A dental practitioner experienced in installing titanium implants, such as Dr. Anthony Farole serving Bala Cynwyd and the surrounding areas near Philadelphia, stands ready to help you with alternative options for maintaining your oral functions and your smile. Schedule your consultation today.

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