Dental Implant in Philadelphia is the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

No matter how much we take care of them, teeth will decay over time. Not only that, but the gums may also get diseases that would require an extraction of a tooth. Other reasons for lost teeth include injuries from accidents or inherent defects that require removal.

While there are several options for teeth replacement, such as dentures and bridges, those may feel uncomfortable for some people. Dental implants, on the other hand, are structured very much like real teeth, and thus look and function like them. Several reputable cosmetic and reconstructive dental practices, like that of Dr. Anthony Farole, D.M.D., offer services for a dental implant in Philadelphia.

These implants are complete tooth replacements and are strong and stable. They are rooted in the jaw by a titanium post. Once fitted in, the titanium post is topped off with a porcelain crown that is as strong as a tooth’s enamel. What’s more, these implants will last a lifetime with minor adjustments and proper care along the way, along with regular trips to the dentist. This is better than bridges which need to be replaced more often.

Teeth restored through dental implants look, feel, and function as natural teeth would. It is brushed and flossed and maintained same as the natural ones. There are two types of implants: endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal implants are positioned in the jawbone and are the most commonly used type of implant. Meanwhile, subperiosteal implants are positioned under the gum but on the jawbone. This is usually done for patients with a shallow jawbone. Implants also come in different sizes. A dental expert would be able to determine what the right choice for your teeth is.

However, implants are not needed after wisdom teeth extraction in Bala Cynwyd and elsewhere. Wisdom teeth are extra teeth that, when extracted, do not need any replacement. They are situated at the back of the mouth and are the last molars to break out.

Wisdom teeth are extracted because, by the time they come out, there is usually not enough space in the jaw for them. They try to fight their way into position, but can’t, because the regular set of teeth has already taken hold. This often causes them to grow horizontally, and get impacted. Some wisdom teeth may even grow in unwanted places. In cases like this, as well as of impacted wisdom teeth, removal is often necessary.

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