Preparing for Your Hair Transplant Procedure

While care following a hair transplant procedure is utterly critical to ensure that the transplanted follicles grow properly, it is also true that there are important care steps to take prior to this procedure to ensure its success. While each patient is unique, requiring the care and medical protocols that meet his or her particular needs, there are also general protocols that everyone should follow.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before the procedure.

Physical Care: The important thing to do before a hair transplant procedure is to take good care of your body, and especially your scalp. At least a week prior, patients should cease all nicotine and alcohol consumption. Smoking is generally bad for hair transplants and should, if possible, be stopped well before the procedure and not continued afterwards.

Scalp Massage: Patients should consider massaging their scalps at least two weeks out from the procedure (even a month). Such massages will help soften the scalp and improve blood flow. Fifteen to thirty minutes is about the right length of time.

No Haircut: Please do not get a haircut before surgery; hair growth is important for the success of the procedure.

Avoid Sunlight: Make sure that your scalp is not exposed to any sunlight, thus avoiding any danger of sunburns.

Medications: Patients should cease taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications at least two weeks before the procedure. Also on the list of medications that patients should avoid are anti-depressants, beta-blockers and blood-thinning drugs. They should also avoid taking any multivitamin, mineral or herbal supplements in this two-week period.

Patients may or may not be asked to take Minoxidil (aka Rogaine) prior to surgery, but this will depend on the extent of hair loss. Patients may also be prescribed antibiotics prior to surgery to lower the risk of infection.

Patients should continue with their daily medical regimens, as prescribed by their primary care physicians. My office will provide guidance ahead of time if any should be stopped before or on the day of the procedure, and when to start them up again afterwards. Inhalers can be used, and brought to the transplant procedure.

Food and Beverage Consumption: On the night before the procedure, after midnight, please refrain from any food or beverage consumption, including water.

The Morning of the Procedure: That morning, it is fine to brush teeth, but please avoid using any kind of hair products. Patients should also wear comfortable clothing to the procedure.

Your Philadelphia hair transplant surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please make an appointment at my office, so we can discuss them together.

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