How Much Can Dermal Fillers Cost?

Dermal fillers are a minimally-invasive way to add volume to areas of the face where fat reduction has occurred. It’s also a popular way to reduce wrinkles, and the results typically last longer than comparable Botox treatments.

Dr. Anthony Farole, a leading board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon, regularly performs dermal filler treatment sessions at his Bala Cynwyd, PA practice. The cost of dermal fillers depends on various factors and individual requirements.

Dermal Fillers Bala Cynwyd

*Individuals Results May Vary.

About Dermal Fillers 

A dermal filler is ideal for correcting an array of cosmetic concerns. Dermal fillers can be used to plump thin lips, remove wrinkles, boost shallow contours, and correct the look of recessed scars.

Dr. Farole and his team use two industry-leading dermal fillers – Juvederm® and Bellafill®:

  • Juvederm® injectables contain hyaluronic acid, a chemical found naturally in the body that helps the skin to retain moisture and add volume;
  • Bellafill® injectables contain microspheres suspended in a collagen gel base and help the body develop its natural collagen.

The results from most Juvederm® products and Bellafill® will vary. Each treatment can last between six months and two years, depending on the injectables used and the patient’s metabolism.

Average Cost for Dermal Fillers

Each patient that requires dermal filler treatments will have unique requirements. With that in mind, one patient’s needs will differ from others, so the total price paid can vary substantially. Therefore, it can be hard to determine an ‘average’ cost for dermal fillers.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates hyaluronic dermal filler treatments to be an average of $652. It’s important to understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for dermal filler treatments. Dr. Farole offers a range of dermal filler treatments that keep each patient’s needs and budget in mind at his Bala Cynwyd, PA practice.

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Factors that Can Influence Final Cost

As you can appreciate, various factors can contribute to the final cost of each dermal filler treatment. They can typically be categorized as follows:

  • Treatment Plan – some patients may need more extended treatment plans than others because of their requirements;
  • Treatment Type – Dr. Farole uses Juvederm® and Bellafill® injectables, both of which get used for treating specific cosmetic concerns;
  • Your Unique Goals – each patient has particular goals in mind when they opt for dermal filler treatments;
  • Facial Structure – a patient’s facial structure may require additional treatments to achieve specific goals.

Am I a Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

Both men and women can be ideal candidates for dermal fillers. If you’re unhappy with your facial appearance, dermal fillers can resolve your cosmetic concerns in many different ways. For example, dermal fillers can create a more youthful appearance.

A dermal filler treatment can also eradicate the appearance of wrinkles or uneven skin due to acne scarring. People are generally perfect candidates for dermal fillers if they’re in good health, don’t smoke, and have realistic goals in mind.

Patients who are pregnant or nursing or are battling a sinus infection should temporarily avoid dermal filler treatments.

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