Hair Loss: Myths and Truths

There are more myths about hair loss than there are truths. Yes, there are things that you can do which will aggravate or even cause hair loss. But you should also be aware of all the notions that supposedly affect hair loss, but which, in fact, do not.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, baldness is not a trait inherited from the mother’s side of the family. While the main cause of hair loss for women and men alike is androgenetic alopecia, a genetic condition, that condition is not specific to one parent or another. If there is a history of baldness on either side of your family, you may inherit this gene and suffer some form of hair loss.
  1. Hot showers and frequent hair washing do not cause hair loss. Now, if you happen to shower using boiling water, it could damage your hair and lead to hair loss. However, since most people do not wash their hair with boiling water for obvious reasons (scalding head and body being an obvious consequence) there is not much cause for worry on this count.

However, it is true that washing your hair too frequently and with water that is too hot can dry out your hair and scalp, which may lead to brittle hair that is prone to breaking. Washing your hair is important for keeping your hair and scalp healthy, eliminating unhealthy dirt and oils. But washing hair in excessively hot water may remove too much oil from your scalp, with the result that your body will then produce an excess of oil that can damage hair and lead to more shedding.When washing hair, it is best to use warm water and even cooler water when rinsing it, helping to keep it moist and prevent breakage.

  1. Blow drying and use of hair styling products will not cause hair loss. Excessive blow drying can dry out and even permanently damage hair quality, but is not likely to lead to hair loss. Similarly, hair products for coloring and styling can dry out hair, but will not cause hair loss. However, excessively tight hair styles can weaken hair and may lead to hair loss.
  1. Neither brushing nor combing hair will lead to hair loss. While there may be more merit to combing hair, which is gentler than brushing, neither is hair-loss inducing.
  1. Sleeping on one side of your body or another will not lead to hair loss. Hair follicles are not affected by their contact with pillows and mattresses, and will continue to grow, no matter what position you sleep in.

If you are concerned about visible hair loss, please make an appointment at my Philadelphia office to discuss possible hair replacement options.

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