Glorious Crowns: Gain Confidence With Hair Restoration Techniques

Many men and women alike suffer from hair loss, and in some cases, its effects can be visible at a very young age in early adulthood. Hair loss can unfortunately impact the way you view yourself as well as the way others view you. You may be looking for hair restoration services from Bala Cynwyd clinics so that you can gain natural-looking hair and boost your self-esteem. There are effective methods available for treating hair loss.

The Cause of Hair Loss

Before you begin exploring the different treatment options available for hair loss, it is important to take a closer look at some of the causes of hair loss. Some cases may be related to a poor diet with inadequate nutrition or to the use of some medications.

In many of these instances, natural hair will resume growing when the medication is no longer being taken or when nutrition improves. Other cases, however, may be genetic. In these instances, a follicular implant may be a better overall option for you to consider.

A Follicular Implant

A follicular implant is generally a better treatment option for hair restoration when the follicles on the scalp are no longer producing healthy hair. The implant process can be long, but the result is that natural hair can grow on the head. Follicles from other parts of the body, such as the arm, are surgically implanted onto the scalp one by one. Skilled surgeons know how to use proper techniques to ensure natural-looking results.

A follicular implant is a great solution for hair restoration in some cases, but it is not ideal for all individuals. Some will respond well to special creams and ointments that can be placed on the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Generally, a professional in Philadelphia can provide you with more information about the cause of your hair loss and the potential hair restoration options. While a follicular implant is not ideal for all situations, this is a special type of hair restoration process that can help you to grow a full head of your own natural hair.

Take the Next Step

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