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In the last decade, you may have noticed that more men are sporting beards. Indeed, it is fascinating to watch how urban hipster male trends have overlapped or merged with the “back to the land and our roots” movement, widely reflected in today’s food, music, and clothing. Ten years ago, it might have been hard to imagine how a farmer’s style could be trendy. Yet today it is.

Beards seem to be one manifestation of that trend. So many more men are sporting both serious and scruffy beards, not just five o’clock shadows or goatees. Perhaps this trend has been inspired by celebrities like David Beckham, Conan O’Brien, and Leonard DiCaprio, not to mention many musicians (ZZ Top has waited a long time for this evolution).

Given this beard trend, it may not surprise you to learn that more men are inquiring about beard or facial hair transplants. In fact, the number of facial hair transplants in the United States has recently doubled, which is certainly a sign of the times. In the United Kingdom, there has also been significant demand for this procedure.

A survey by Braun, the grooming and hair product manufacturer, suggested that men often feel more attractive to women when they have facial hair, including sideburns. Of course, the men in this survey all lived in New York, and two-thirds of them had beards or mustaches.

Perhaps a more important reason why some men may wish to grow beards and mustaches is a youthful face that does not project authority and expertise. For men in positions of authority, from paramedics to teachers, a youthful face may undermine confidence in their abilities.

Facial Hair Transplants: What’s Involved?

Facial hair transplants are quite similar to hair transplants on the scalp. Hair follicles are harvested from a dense area of hair growth, like the back of the scalp, and inserted one at a time into patchy areas on the face where facial hair normally appears. The harvested follicles will try to match facial hair as closely as possible.

The goals for this procedure will vary depending on the patient’s wishes. He may wish for thin coverage or minor additions in a specific area, or he may wish for the ability to grow a thick beard. Depending on the goal, the number of transplanted follicles can range from a few hundred to a few thousand.

When transplanted, the hair is permanent and will grow, look and feel like facial hair, and can be shaved just like other facial hair. Because the face is more sensitive than the scalp, and more visible, it is vital that the procedure be planned and executed carefully, achieving symmetry and balance, so the result looks perfectly natural.

If you are considering a beard transplant, you may want to schedule an appointment with your longtime hair restoration expert in the Philadelphia area to discuss your options.

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