Stephanie Pacifico 2018-02-20T10:29:14-05:00

I was a chair side dental assistant for 10 years. During that time, I assisted a General Practitioner, a Periodontist, and a Prosthodontist before joining the practice of Dr. Anthony Farole in the summer of 2013. I come to work not only for my livelihood but also as because I take pride in my commitment to our patients. I derive a great deal of satisfaction helping improve the health and lives of our patients in many ways. I recognize some patients have anxiety and or fears about receiving treatment. I do my best to be compassionate and understanding. This helps our patients a great deal in relieving some of their fears. My assisting career as a dental assistant has made my transition to treating patients requiring surgery to their teeth, jaws and face smooth. There was and is overlap in the training and experience to both the fields of dentistry and surgery of the mouth and face. I treat patients the way that I would like to be treated or how I would like my little son to be treated. This has allowed me to serve our patients in the most efficient and compassionate way. Safety is always our big concern as is excellence in care. My feelings and professionalism are shared with my co-workers and certainly Dr. Farole has set the standard for excellence in patient care. We are a caring team.

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