Restoring Your Smile: Making Dental Implants Look Natural

Dental implants are by far the preferred way of replacing teeth that must be removed. Making sure that they closely match your existing teeth is both an art and a science.

As you’ll see, there’s much more to this challenge than simply making an artificial crown that looks like its neighbors. The team that will create your dental implants – which includes your oral surgeon and the dental lab technicians who will fashion your new crown – must carefully study the condition of the gums, the color of your existing teeth and the bone that supports your implant and the surrounding teeth.


When a tooth is lost or extracted, your oral surgeon will take special care to manage the socket area carefully to retain as much bone as possible. This creates a secure base for the implant, which is actually a sturdy metal post that eventually fuses securely with your jawbone.

Believe it or not, the teeth next to your new dental implant have something to do with how natural the implant itself looks when it’s finished. If neighboring teeth have adequate bone support, they will also have healthy papillae – the little pink triangles of tissue that fill the spaces where teeth come in contact.

If bone is lost on either side of an implant, there is no guarantee the papillae will grow in fully. But if the bone is relatively healthy, these spaces will fill naturally, enhancing the looks of the newly implanted crown.


Your implant team will also make a careful study of how the new artificial crown should emerge from the gum line so that it looks like a natural tooth. This will determine the exact shape of your implant, how far it is placed below the tissues, and the shape of the crown to be made in the lab.

The dental lab will use shade guides to match the color of your new crown to the color of your existing teeth for a natural look.


When creating dental implants, especially those that are visible when you smile, the experience of your oral surgeon matters very much.

Good surgical techniques and extensive experience with dental implants are essential for successful results. Dr. Farole has worked with thousands of patients in Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, and he is ready to put his advanced knowledge to work for you.

Dr. Farole will perform a careful pre-surgical assessment, examining the gum, bone and neighboring teeth in the implant area. A team plan will be made to assure that all steps of your dental implant surgery go smoothly.

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