Non-Genetic Factors Which May Cause or Aggravate Hair Loss

Premature hair loss is almost always devastating. While we naturally lose hair every day, we may not notice the hundred or so hairs we shed. However, we will notice the hair loss if we start shedding hair in clumps, and at a much younger age.

Why do some people lose their hair sooner? Genetics is often the cause of premature balding. If it runs in your family, there is a much stronger chance that you will be affected.

However, in addition to genetics, other factors such as lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors can play a role too. Your Philadelphia hair restoration expert has seen these factors at work, aggravating and accelerating hair loss.


Daily, we are exposed to stress which, if left unmanaged, may eventually manifest itself in such physical symptoms as hair loss. Three types of hair loss have been associated with high levels of stress: telogen effluvium (thinning hair on the scalp), alopecia areata (the immune system attacking hair follicles), and trichotillomania (an obsessive compulsive disorder characterized by pulling out hair).

Excessive Consumption of Food Substitutes and Vitamins

Some protein shakes and powders have been connected to balding due to certain ingredients. Many muscle-building shakes contain Inorganic growth hormones and creatine, which can raise blood testosterone levels and result in hair loss. Overdoing Vitamin A supplements may also trigger hair loss.

Physical Environment

Overexposure to sunlight may dry out hair and damage hair cuticle cells, leading to dry and brittle hair. If such overexposure causes too much stress on hair, the body may eventually shut down hair production entirely.


Smoking may not directly cause hair loss, but it can aggravate the circumstances that may lead to it. A study that has been done on smoking’s impact on male hair loss suggested a significant positive association between moderate male pattern baldness and smoking 20 cigarettes or more per day. As a dental professional, I can propose many additional compelling reasons to quit cigarettes. But if you are worried about your hair, maybe this will inspire you to stop.

Drugs and Medical Treatments

Certain drugs and medical treatments cause hair loss, including amphetamines, anticoagulants, and antidepressants. Perhaps the most familiar example are cancer chemotherapy treatment drugs. In the case of all these medications, they are intended to target unhealthy cells, but they can end up affecting healthy ones as well. A collateral victim is often hair cells.

If you are concerned about your own hair loss, make an appointment at my Bala Cynwyd office to discuss strategies for hair restoration.

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