How Serious is a Missing Tooth?

Given how pervasive tooth loss is among Americans, a lot of us probably ask ourselves this question. How we respond to the question may depend on where in our mouth the tooth loss happens, but such positioning and our appearance should not entirely determine our reaction.

In fact, even if you just lose one tooth, and even if it is not in a visible location when you smile or open your mouth, you should still make an appointment with your Philadelphia dental implant expert to discuss its impact on your mouth and your options for filling the gap.

What if Tooth Loss is Not Visible?

Naturally, most people respond differently when they lose a tooth at the front of their mouths, which affects their appearance every time they smile, talk, and eat. When your appearance is affected that dramatically, and you know that people perceive you differently, you are more likely to respond quickly to this problem.

After all, studies have shown that missing teeth are one of the first features that we notice on being introduced to new people, and one of the impressions that stay with us afterwards. We also know that appearance plays a critical role in professional and personal success. People who have visible gaps in their teeth are far more likely to experience social discomfort, which may lead to misanthropic practices.

But if tooth loss is not visible, you may feel that your oral situation is not dire or urgent. In fact, most Americans who lose teeth lose a back tooth first. They may decide to let the gap remain for a while, since you may not want to pay immediately for dental work to fill it.

That, however, is a serious miscalculation. Even if tooth loss is not visible, you should immediately take care of the problem.

Why Any Tooth Loss is Serious?

Tooth loss is not just about appearance. One possible consequence of such a gap is that your mouth is more prone to infection. But that is not the most serious effect.

The most serious impact of tooth loss is bone loss in the jaw. The bone that supports teeth requires ongoing stimulation from teeth to ensure healthy development and regeneration. So, when a tooth is lost, the most serious consequence is inadequate stimulation for the jaw bone. As bone volume decreases due to lack of stimulation, it will gradually affect the entire mouth, leading to additional problems, such as new tooth loss and facial changes.

With a dental implant or other oral health strategies, such serious consequences for your mouth due to bone loss can be prevented. What is critical, however, is that any tooth loss, no matter where it is in your mouth, be addressed quickly and properly.

If you have suffered a loss tooth recently, please make an appointment with your dentist or your Philadelphia dental implant expert, at his Bala Cynwyd office.

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