Hair Transplant Differences for Women and Men

Hair loss patterns for women and men differ, which is why their hair transplants differ. A woman or man considering the procedure should know that it will reflect their particular hair loss needs.

Female and Male Hair Loss: What is the Difference?

Hair loss is usually genetic, inherited by women and men alike. Despite the identical cause, the real progress of hair loss notably differs.

Rather than focus on the biological causes behind hair loss, let’s focus on the different patterns of hair loss that affect women and men. Men tend to lose hair beginning at the front of their hairline, from the top of their forehead. Hair regression moves back towards the center of the head, with the hair forming a reverse U-shape or a W-shape.

For women, hair loss tends to begin at the center of their heads and move outwards, like an I-shape, which may gradually become an O-shape.

Female and Male Hair Transplants

Since men and women’s hair loss patterns differ, their hair transplants need to approach their particular cases differently.

Male Hair Transplants: Even a man who is prepared to undergo hair transplant surgery should keep in mind that his hair transplant surgeon first needs to make an evaluation of his hair loss progression and whether it has run its course. If a patient moves ahead too quickly with hair surgery, before hair loss has run that course, it is possible he will gain a restored hairline while a bald spot at the center of his head will emerge later.

The male hair transplant procedure usually proceeds by extracting grafts from the back of the head, which tends to be unaffected by hair loss. Your surgeon will employ Follicular Unit Transfer, which removes a piece of scalp with the donor grafts and transplants it to the bald area.

Female Hair Transplants: Since females losing their hair will suffer that loss on other parts of their scalp, their transplant process is different. Hair follicles cannot be harvested from the back of a woman’s head, since this area tends to be predisposed to thinning hair. Hair removed from such an area and transplanted would just fall out.

Also, since women tend to keep their frontal hairlines but suffer thinning hair loss in the center of their scalps, their hair transplants are primarily seeking to restore their hair volume, rather than frame their faces. As in the case of a female hair transplant, your surgeon will employ the Follicular Unit Transfer technique.

I encourage both women and men to come talk to me about hair restoration opportunities at my Bala Cynwyd office.

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