Does a Rhinoplasty Leave a Scar?

Let’s face it: the only thing holding you back from getting rhinoplasty surgery is the thought of having a noticeable scar

We understand; after all, what’s the point of fixing a nose issue you’re self-conscious about if it leaves an attention-grabbing scar in its place?As it turns out, you may not need to be so concerned about nose job scarring. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not rhinoplasty surgery leaves a scar.

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Does a Nose Job Leave a Scar?

Rhinoplasty surgery doesn’t have to leave a scar; in fact, depending on the type of nose job surgery you undergo, your scar will be completely hidden from view altogether.

Nose job surgery has really undergone a revolution lately, as technology and advanced practices have made it easier than ever for plastic surgeons to hide scarring from incisions. This means that even if you do need a more intensive rhinoplasty procedure, your plastic surgeon can carefully hide incisions along the natural folds and curves of your nose.

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Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

If you absolutely want to avoid nasal scarring, you may be a good candidate for a closed rhinoplasty procedure. This surgery involves making the surgical incision within the nasal passages, away from anyone’s view. This means that all of your scarrings will be inside of your nose, so no one will be able to guess that you’ve had work done.

Open rhinoplasty surgery is reserved for more intensive procedures, as it requires the surgeon to “open up” the nose a little more to access critical bone and tissue. With this surgery, your incisions are usually placed along the curve of the nostrils in order to hide future scarring as much as possible.

Which Rhinoplasty Procedure is Right for You?

Ultimately, your desired goals will impact the type of rhinoplasty surgery that’s best for you. Your plastic surgeon can also help you make this pivotal decision by examining your nose and making a recommendation.

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