What are the Benefits of a Facial Fat Transfer?

If you’re noticing some stubborn wrinkles and facial folds that won’t respond to your anti-aging creams and serums, you may be a good candidate for a facial fat transfer. This procedure aims to use your body’s own natural fat to correct facial volume loss, thus minimizing the appearance of lines and folds. As a result, skin looks younger, healthier, and far more smooth and youthful than before.

Let’s take a look at the multiple benefits of a facial fat transfer!

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Benefits of a Facial Fat Transfer

  • It can help increase facial volume in areas where you’ve seen volume loss, like in the cheeks and underneath the eyes.
  • It comes with liposuction benefits, as your body’s fat will need to be removed from another area of your body (like the stomach or thighs).
  • There’s no chance for an allergic reaction, as your body’s immune system won’t attack its own fat.
  • Thanks to the additional volume created by this treatment, your wrinkles and fine lines will be minimized, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

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When to Expect Your Results

If you choose to undergo facial fat grafting for its anti-aging benefits, you should expect to see results right after your procedure. However, keep in mind that these aren’t your final results, as you need to give the injected fat time to settle into their new positions. Most clients can expect to see their final results about two to three months after the procedure.

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