The Benefits of Dental Implants

Many people wonder whether it is worth getting dental implants, and what their advantages are over other options for teeth restoration, like dentures.

There are many compelling reasons, but the bottom line is that people tend to feel and look better with dental implants. Your Philadelphia dental implant expert offers a few of the best reasons for considering dental implants.

Dental Implants are a Healthy, Long-Term Solution for your Mouth

They look, feel, fit, and function like natural teeth. Other options may lead to problems, like bone deterioration, and interfere with everyday life, like speaking and eating.

They protect healthy teeth. They go into the gap where the missing teeth roots are, without affecting the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. They also help prevent healthy, adjacent teeth from shifting, as teeth might if a mouth space were left empty for an extended period of time.

They are a long-term solution to missing teeth. While they may need occasional adjustment, dental implants can last a lifetime. They have a strong track record of enduring successful outcomes, and tend to be more reliable than other treatments for repairing or replacing missing teeth, like bridgework and removable appliances.

Dental Implants Help You Enjoy Life

They stay where teeth are supposed to be—in the mouth. There is no need to worry that dental implants might slip or fall out when eating, talking, smiling, laughing, kissing, yawning, or coughing—unlike dentures. And, of course, there is no need to worry about taking them out or forgetting to insert them.

They ensure that people can enjoy life without worrying about their teeth. There is no need to avoid company or feel uncomfortable in public. Dental implants ensure that a face retains its best shape and does not sag or appear sunken. This means that all facial expressions look and feel natural.

Similarly, there is no problem with speaking or struggling to pronounce words, because dental implants function like regular teeth.

With implants, there is no problem eating favorite foods. There is also no need to worry or hesitate that something might go wrong when eating. A person can bite naturally, eat virtually anything, and, unlike removable dentures, experience the full taste of foods.

It is easy to care for dental implants, because they work like natural teeth. Brush, floss and care for dental implants exactly as you would natural teeth.

For all these reasons, you may want to ask your Bala Cynwyd dental implant expert Philadelphia oral surgeon about dental implants. They can make a big difference to your life and in your mouth.

Take the Next Step

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American Association of Dental Implant Dentistry


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