What’s the Best Treatment for Sagging Jowls?

Do you have sagging jowls that just won’t respond to any tightening creams or anti-wrinkle serums? If that’s the case, it might be time for surgical intervention.

But what’s the best treatment for sagging jowls, so you can get the contoured jawline you’ve been looking for?

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Why a Facelift is the Best Treatment for Sagging Jowls

There are plenty of treatments out there that promise to help minimize the appearance of sagging jowls. From injections to ultrasound therapy, these procedures have helped thousands of patients; however, they’re not exactly great at treating moderate or severe sagging.

Here’s why: Sagging skin is often a sign that your skin laxity is breaking down as a result of reduced collagen and elastin production. While some treatments can help counteract this sagging by increasing collagen levels, the truth is that if sagging has gone too far, it requires surgical intervention. 

That’s why the facelift is the best treatment for sagging jowls, as it involves a plastic surgeon manually removing excess skin to help highlight your beautifully contoured jawline.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

You’re a good candidate for a facelift procedure if you have noticeable skin sagging around your neck and jawline. Most candidates are people with moderate to severe sagging and won’t see great results from non-surgical treatment. 

Additionally, all candidates should be physically healthy individuals who don’t smoke. Individuals should have realistic expectations for their facelift results and be prepared to allot a reasonable time for recovery. 

If you’re not a good candidate for a facelift or you’d like to avoid a surgical solution, there are plenty of non-surgical options that could provide you with relief. Kybella for double chin removal can help reduce some signs of fat-related sagging, while microneedling could help treat mild sagging around the mid-to-lower facial regions.

Dr. Farole performed multiple surgeries on my over the past 12 years. I was in a severe auto accident and my face bones were shattered. Not only was my function of jaw movement severely impaired, but my once attractive face was no longer attractive as it was severely distorted. I was a male face model before my accident. I had to undergo three surgeries over a 3 year period and each time my appearance and function improved to a point where I look like I did before the accident. I am back to fact modeling and my emotional outlook once terrible is bright. Dr. Farole is a master surgeon with meticulous technique and a great reputation. He is also amazingly compassionate as his hospital and office staff. They were able to control my discomfort very nicely and I was off pain medicines within less than a week after my surgeries. I am so happy I was fortunate enough to have him take care of me. I have recommended friends and family to him over the last 12 years for various facial related problems. All of them have been as pleased as I have with his excellent and precise care. MJF


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