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Spider Veins & Facial Veins

If you suffer from spider facial veins, you may feel self-conscious about how these blue, red, and even purple veins affect your complexion. After all, it can be hard to achieve an “I woke up like this” feeling when broken blood vessels and prominent veins are interfering with your complexion.


No matter where your facial spider veins, we have a treatment option for you at our cosmetic facial and oral surgery center. Not all spider veins are created equal, which is why we offer a few treatments for clients who want to minimize the appearance of these visible veins.

Sclerosing Solutions

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective yet surprisingly simple solution that causes the spider vein to close in on itself. The solution (which is completely safe!) is injected directly into the spider veins; once it’s in the veins, the vein wall becomes irritated and begins to close in on itself. After the vein closes, the body begins the process of reabsorbing the vein, leaving behind clearer skin.

Hypertonic Saline Injection

This treatment is similar to sclerotherapy in that an irritant is directly injected into the offending spider veins, causing the vein to close and become reabsorbed. However, the solution used here is a hypertonic saline solution (similar to saltwater). This natural solution does a great job of encouraging the veins to disappear, making it an excellent alternative to traditional sclerotherapy.

CO2 Laser Removal

If the idea of injections makes you uncomfortable, you may find that you’re a better candidate for CO2 laser removal treatments. This procedure uses the power of carbon dioxide energy to penetrate the dermis and break down the spider veins. You may need to undergo more than one treatment to see your best results; for larger spider veins, you may want to consider the sclerotherapy procedure.


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