Skin Care Resolutions to Make and Keep This Year

Is looking your absolute best high on the list of goals you’ve set for yourself in 2018? Having a great daily skin care routine is where progress begins. Here are professional tips from Dr. Farole, who has worked with thousands of women and men in Bala Cynwyd and Greater Philadelphia to improve the appearance of their skin.


You’ve heard that warm baths and showers can strip your skin of natural oils. Face creams and body lotions are good substitutes, as long as you put them on correctly. Keeping lotion near the shower makes things easier. Apply moisturizer while skin is damp – within 10 minutes of turning off the water. Choose products with a flip top, which will prevent water (and bacteria) from getting inside.


Skin care and resurfacing experts have long advised making sunscreen part of your year-round routine and reapplying it often. The challenge is finding a formula that’s not too heavy. Look for non-greasy or “sheer” options. New, spray-on choices are worth checking out too.


Makeup can mix with skin oils and dirt to cause breakouts. Cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals, holding them next to your skin. Try washing your face when you return home at night – don’t wait until you’re too tired to get the job done! Oil-free facial wipes on your bedside table are a handy fallback.


Don’t neglect your skin after that amazing workout. Even if your spin class, boot camp venue or yoga studio doesn’t have a shower, you can take steps to protect your skin’s good health. Wear moisture-wicking clothes and pack salicylic acid pads in your gym bag. Use pads to cleanse your face, back and chest after working out and change into a clean, dry t-shirt. Then shower at home as soon as you have the chance.


A baby’s skin replenishes itself every 14 days, but by the time you reach age 30, your skin takes 28 days to renew it. As a result, skin cells dry out and lose luster unless you stimulate the renewal process by exfoliating. A gentle face scrub once or twice a week, along with a chemical exfoliant such as retinol on two other days, is a good routine to follow.


Your daily skin care routine is a key step in assuring the health and vitality of your skin. But even the best regimen can use professional help when it comes to erasing the signs of aging that show up over time. If you’d love to lose those laugh lines, crow’s feet and other imperfections, set up a personalized consultation with Dr. Farole. He will be glad to discuss your options for skin resurfacing and renewal – including CO2 laser treatments, microdermabrasion, Botox and more. Call for a convenient appointment today.

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