Perioral Skin Resurfacing

There are many factors that can cause premature aging around your facial features, or even just unwanted lines and wrinkles. Most people start to notice crow’s feet, frown lines and fine lines on the forehead from facial expressions, too much sun or just the inevitable part of growing older. Instead of drastic and invasive surgical procedures where a hospital stay is required, you can now get rid of these unwanted signs of aging right in the comfort of your own doctor’s office using a simple CO2 laser.

The process is quite simple. After applying local anesthesia, your doctor will have you recline or lay down, and using a NovaPulseTM laser, he will pass it over your fine lines and wrinkles. The laser causes the skin to shed the outer layers, revealing newer, healthier and firmer skin below. Not only will your skin look firmer, but also younger and more refreshed.

The whole healing process does take a few days or maybe even more than a week, but some patients choose to go back to work that very same day. After the procedure it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and never pick or pull at any loose skin. Patients may experience some minor irritation or a feeling of tightness, but that is completely normal. Some doctors recommend moisturizing creams or gels, but nothing should be applied unless allowed or prescribed by the doctor.

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