Can Neck Lifts be Combined with Other Procedures?

A neck lift treats excess skin and fat below the chin. Fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of a turkey neck and double chin are improved as a result of the procedure. A neck lift can be combined with other procedures for complete facial rejuvenation. Dr. Anthony Farole, a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon, performs combined neck lift, facelift, and browlift procedures.

Neck Lift with Liposuction

A neck lift with liposuction is a straightforward procedure. A tiny incision is made along natural skin creases and folds. Excess fat is suctioned through a cannula. Excess skin is removed. Skin is tightened and carefully closed. Fat transfer may be used to fill in wrinkles and sunken areas.


A facelift reduces visible signs of aging. Tiny incisions are made behind the ears and/or within the hairline. Loose face muscles and ligaments are gently tightened. Fat pockets are redistributed. Excess skin is removed. Skin is tightened and carefully closed.

A lower facelift is a special type of facelift. The focus is placed on the jawline and neck. Facelift procedure techniques are used.

An endoscopic facelift is a minimally invasive facelift. Very tiny incisions are made. Microscopic instruments and a video monitor are used to perform the procedure. Less skin, muscle, and soft tissue damage occur. Recovery time is decreased.


A browlift improves brow creases, forehead lines and wrinkles, and drooping eyebrows. A browlift is usually a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. Microscopic instruments elevate the brow and adjust and gently tighten underlying muscles and tissues. Recovery time is shorter than that of open incision procedures.

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A combined procedure initial consultation is very important. Dr. Farole listens to the patient’s concerns and desires. He obtains a complete medical history review, performs a physical examination, and takes pictures. He creates a customized procedure. A neck lift with liposuction, facelift, lower facelift, endoscopic facelift and/or browlift may be included in the customized procedure. To schedule an initial combined procedure consultation at Dr. Anthony Farole Cosmetic Facial and Oral Surgery Center, call 610-668-3300.

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