What Can a Brow Lift Treat?

Loss of skin elasticity over time can cause your forehead and brow areas to sag. You can correct drooping eyebrows and forehead creases with a brow lift. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions underlying muscles to restore youthful-looking brows. 

What is a Brow Lift? 

Many people find that drooping, heavy-looking brows make them look older and more tired. Sagging brows can obscure your eyes and limit your normal range of facial expressions. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and lifts the brows and forehead.

Brow Lift Bala Cynwyd

What can a Brow Lift Treat?

While non-surgical methods can temporarily tighten minor skin laxity, these treatments cannot address significant drooping or deep wrinkles. A brow lift may be right for you if you have:

  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Eyes that look “hooded” or hidden
  • Sagging forehead skin
  • Forehead wrinkles and creases

A brow lift works well with other procedures, such as an eyelid lift. If problems with your eye area involve the brows and lids, Dr. Farole may recommend both procedures to give you the best results. 

How is a Brow Lift Performed?

Dr. Farole offers several options for your brow lift, depending on how much loose skin and sagging muscle you have. He often uses an endoscopic technique that requires only a few small incisions. If you need more skin removal or muscle correction, he may use a more traditional approach with a larger incision hidden in the hairline. Scars become nearly impossible to see after they have healed. You can choose local or general anesthesia for your comfort, and the procedure usually lasts about two hours. 

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The cost of a brow lift varies depending on several factors:

  • Your location
  • Your provider’s skill and experience
  • The type of brow lift performed
  • The complexity of your procedure

On average, a brow lift costs $3,623. This will not include expenses like anesthesia, medical tests, medications, and other fees. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Farole for an assessment and accurate estimate. 

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What is Recovery Like From a Brow Lift?

Most people notice some swelling and bruising after the procedure. This will improve within days. You will often return to work within five to seven days. Complete recovery can take up to six months with a traditional brow lift, often less with an endoscopic procedure. 

What Results Will I See After a Brow Lift?

You will immediately notice that your forehead and brow areas look lifted and smoother. Results improve as the swelling resolves over the next few days. You will see your eyes become more visible and brighter-looking. If you wear eye makeup, you may notice that applying it has become much easier. Results from a brow lift can last ten years or more.

Dr. Anthony Farole is the best. I came in very scared and afraid. Dr. Farole and his wonderful staff were very patient with me and helped calm me down. They reassured me that i would be fine and took very good care of me. I felt no pain and the procedure went very smooth. Thank you so much for a job well done!


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