An Oral Surgeon Explains Why Your Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

You may have been referred to an oral surgeon in Bala Cynwyd to have your wisdom teeth surgically removed. The wisdom teeth are appropriately named because they are usually the last ones to erupt.

They often begin to break through the gum surface in the late teens or early twenties, and many dentists will recommend that patients have them removed before they arrive or shortly after. Understanding why this is recommended will help you to determine if you want to move forward with scheduling your appointment with your oral surgeon in Philadelphia for wisdom teeth removal.


Preventative Measures

In many people, there simply is not room in the mouth for two more teeth on the top and on the bottom of the mouth to break in. Often, the teeth will erupt facing inward or outward rather than upward as they should be removed. They may force several of the other teeth in the mouth to move, and this could result in issues with overcrowding, poor alignment and more.

Often, pain will be present if this happens, and any results from orthodontic work that has been completed up to this point can be erased. Dentists understand how disruptive and painful wisdom teeth can be, so they often recommended that wisdom teeth be removed as a preventative measure.

When Pain is Impacting Your Life

Wisdom teeth can impact your life in a number of ways once they begin to erupt and even beforehand when they are approaching the eruption point. The pressure from the teeth moving upward and forcing other teeth to move as a result can be intense and painful, and this pain can continue until the wisdom teeth are removed. You may already be dealing with this pain, and removing the wisdom teeth can result in alleviation of the pain.

Oral surgery can seem intimidating, and it often may seem unnecessary when it is being recommended as a preventative measure. However, because wisdom teeth can be so painful and can be disruptive to the condition and placement of your other teeth, prevention is often very beneficial. If you have questions about why your teeth may need to be removed specifically, it can be helpful to review your x-rays with your dental professional.

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